Yazd International Exhibition
The exhibition industry, as an "irreplaceable and unparalleled" industry, plays an undeniable role in the prosperity of the economy, trade, and job creation. The Yazd Regional International Trade Fair Company, with the aim of creating the largest and most effective trade showcase in the province, annually organizes over 100 exhibition events in various formats within the "Yazd International Exhibition Complex," contributing significantly to the economy of the province and the country as a whole.
The organization of powerful specialized exhibitions in key areas where Yazd is considered an industrial hub has led other provinces to look to the Yazd International Exhibition calendar for corresponding events. Adding new exhibition titles to the calendar and branding them, alongside the improvement of the existing exhibitions in terms of quantity and quality, are among the top priorities of the Yazd International Exhibition.
The slogan of the Yazd International Exhibition, "Yazd International Exhibition: A Hub for Exchanging Ideas and Experiences," focuses on the satisfaction and benefit of both participants and visitors, simultaneously.
The unique economic capacities of Yazd province, along with the rich and fruitful background of the people of this land, has always made this desert city a safe and secure place for investment and economic activities, and the Yazd International Exhibition is undoubtedly for this important purpose. Hospitalization will be desirable.